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An Ode to the Bauhaus

January 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Although Splunk’s new campus bares a similar look to the one modern campus that Walter Gropius envisioned as the school of the future that would educate and train the artisan and designers of the new industrial age, the new Splunk building is a far cry from the Bauhaus campus of 1917. The Bauhaus school campus’s simple use of geometry, material and light were created with the minimalistic principal that less is often better, more practical and possibly more aesthetically pleasing. Where Splunks new campus is situated in the heart of the south bay shopping mecca known for an architectural landscape that is far from simple. It’s good to know that Gropius’s simple forms and use of glass are being replicated in common commercial architecture. A drive down any of the Santa Clara Valley expressway, it’s really common to run across one of these clone-like version of the Bauhaus icon.


Splunk is a data analytics company better known by techies and wall street business types for its public offering. The company has moved its central base of operations from San Francisco to San Jose’s Santana Row.


Camera Geek note’s

Camera Nikon 600 Nikkor 16-35mm lens , 1 second f/9 @19mm


photo by Bernardo Grijalva

photo by

photo by Bernardo Grijalva


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